Mr. Bean + Fear = Life Lesson Video

22 09 2008

I found this video tonight as I was looking for an intro video for 412. You’ve got to check it out! Notice how scared Mr. Bean is. He wants to do something big. In fact, he runs towards it. He doesn’t think twice about it, just goes after it! But then, well see for yourself! 

Can you relate to that video? We get so caught up in doing something amazing, and then our minds become filled with doubt & despair. How often do you do that? This is an issue that I deal with constantly. I want to change the world around me…only to find that I get scared & limit the potential God has in me. The youth that I preach too have the same problem…they want to do some amazing stuff at their school or sports team…only to get scared. I help out a little with Trinity Christian Academy varsity soccer team. One of Coach Fox’s pet peeves is when a player doesn’t go after the header or backs down from a defender. Sometimes the player will over think the situation & at the last minute, stand down while the soccer ball zooms by. They get caught up in fear!

That’s where the devil get’s us. The devil will let us dream, but when we go after the dream & begin to live the vision, fear creeps in. Meanwhile we have God, our creator, Alpha, Omega…cheering for us. Not only cheering, but believing in us! If He was in the video, He would be saying, “YOU CAN DO IT!”. Can you imagine what we could do if we let loose of our fear and lived the vision?!




3 responses

23 09 2008

OH, I can relate to this for sure!! MR. Bean is hysterical, but the truth is we can get bogged down with thoughts of failure and fear.

We CAN do it! 🙂

23 09 2008

thanks for your thoughts dawnzlights & you are right on!

23 09 2008
Jorge Valle

I laughted so much than I am still crying…Fantastic way to show facing fear or anything else…Go to it!!! Even if you get a little push or kick, you iniciated.

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